Led Zeppelin - Live in Osaka Sept. 29, 1971

This is a unique performance in that John Bonham left the stage suddenly to be ill. He had stomach issues and had to go be sick all of a sudden. As it was the acoustic set, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page worked it out and played an acoustic Tangerine to pass the time. It’s lovely, and it’s my favorite version of this song. 


I don’t think I’ve ever heard Arlen Wilson speak before. She, like her husband Robert Anton Wilson, is remarkably intelligent, and eloquent. 

I don’t know when this was recorded, but if the photo in the video is any indication, I would say this is early to mid 90’s. 

This is magnificent! This is part one of eight. Dig in. 

The Allman Brothers performing an acoustic Melissa. From 1992, playing on the last episode of the Dennis Miller Show (he had a late night show back in the day when he was liberal and kinda funny). 

I was living in Portsmouth, NH when this aired, and I remember being just blown away by Dickie Betts and Warren Haynes’ playing. Gregg Allman is obviously a little high, or drunk, but his voice is still great. 

Just listen. There comes a point when it locks in and becomes something amazing. 





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