Jimmy Page live at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. October 22, 1988. 

Stealth video from back in the day. You can watch (almost) the whole show. It’s fantastic. Way better than the Arizona show from the beginning of the tour (the only other live video online of the Outrider tour). 

Watch Jimmy Page as the rock god he was. This is Jimmy with his chops back 100%, playing great songs with a good band (although it’s the 80’s so they don’t swing at all). A young Jason Bonham on drums. 

I saw this tour one week later, in Worcester Mass. I had front row. It was the best. 

Women do not lose their basic human rights once they become pregnant.

And yet, every day, we receive reports from women around the globe that their human rights have been violated during childbirth. From denial of pain relief and support during labour to episiotomies, cesareans, and other interventions performed despite the mother’s objection.

Women should not be coerced into compliance, through threats that medical care will be completely withheld or that their children will be taken away by social services. Women should not have to travel across state and country borders to find support in childbirth. And doctors and midwives should not be persecuted for providing rights-based maternity care.

We believe that much suffering can be prevented through the clarification and upholding of the fundamental human rights of birthing women.  And we are committed to promoting those rights, in law and practice, until they become a reality for birthing women everywhere. 



“Imagine a missile one hears approaching only after it explodes. The reversal! A piece of time neatly snipped out … a few feet of film run backwards … the blast of the rocket, fallen faster than sound— then growing out of it the roar of its own fall, catching up to what’s already death and burning … a ghost in the sky… .”
Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow (via talesofpassingtime)